Monday, May 31, 2010

Barbara Lewis is having a contest...

Well, actually, she is packing up her studio to drive home. To her other home, that is. And she has challenged us to guess how long it will take to pack everything up. Go over to Painting with Fire Artwear and find out what it is about!

Painting with Fire - enameled beads and photo by Barbara Lewis

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getaway to Mallorca, continued...

As you could see in the photos I previously posted, the weather was gorgeous. We are talking 26° C during the day, and I think it was something like 15° C in the evenings. Still a bit cool, but not too cold.

This is the cathedral of Palma.

One of the few remaining wind mills, that used to be very numerous on the island.

As I mentioned, there is some wonderful architecture in Palma. This, by the way, is not a church. A civil building.

There are quite a few beautiful examples of Art Nouveau buildings in Palma.

 More architectural details.

Love the shabby chic look of these. These are part of the bull fighting arena - the Coliseo Balear. Situated in the city.

The south tower of the arena.

A bit more of the arena.

And even more. This was the reason we were there. A television show that took place "live in Mallorca" last Sunday.

See that little basket at the top of the crane? That was where Max was. At work.

to be continued

Friday, May 28, 2010

we interrupt the regularly scheduled programm "Getaway to Mallorca" for ...

The Forging of the Ring!

Yes - you can see it there. Glowing red hot in the coals.
And you're asking yourself - what the heck am I talking about?

Well, I asked Max to make me a mandrel - an iron ring - but I wanted it to be smaller than the rings he usually makes out of iron. And since he had been dying to try out his new forge, he quickly took advantage of the moment. Coals were heaped and lighted.

And he began to forge the red hot metal with his hammer.

After he had made several rings and also forged that paddle (see below), I took a closer look at what he had made.

See that little ring in the bottom left corner? Well, it spoke to me. (Don't tell anyone I said so...) It called out to me, asking to be set apart from the other rings (no, there is definitely no writing on the inside of the ring, I checked).

This is what the little iron ring wanted. It wanted to be a pendant. And you were afraid I was going to go on for another two books....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little getaway

I have been missing for a couple of days. Well not really. I went off on a little trip - I accompanied my husband on one of his job trips. Something I practically never do. But the weather has been so miserable here - raining all the time and so cold - that I just couldn't resist this trip. I think the pictures below are a pretty good explanation of why.

Thursday morning (it was pouring rain and 8°C) I got on a plane. When I got off the plane two hours later, it was blues skies, sunshine and 25°C. Location: Palma (de Mallorca), capital city of Mallorca, largest of the Balearic Islands (which belong to Spain) in the Mediterranean sea. A place with a long and colourful history (let me just mention: piracy!). It was just a short trip - just an extended weekend - but it was soooo lovely.
My husband had to work, but I had time to wander around the old quarter of the city, enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful architecture. I will share some more pictures in the next couple of days.

Now that I am home again, wouldn't you know that it's raining?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garden exhibition in the fortress

Yesterday, we went to a garden exhibition, at Burg Trausnitz - a fortified castle which originally dates back to the early Middle Ages (1150 A.D.). It is situated on top of a hill, as is to be expected and is surrounded by a fortress wall.

Well, let's just say I found the site much more impressive than the exhibits. But the castle was well worth visiting!

 Inside the fortress, looking towards the castle.

 Inside the fortress - this may have been a maut at some time.

The fortified outer wall.

Looking through a gateway at the outer wall.

View from the burg to the city and the river Isar below.

Isn't this a cool window?

There were such interesting architectual details everywhere.

The galleries of the castle, overlooking the castle court yard.

The castle court yard.

Decorative ceramic tealight holders.

 Welded iron Pegasus.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

new pieces and what to do on a rainy day

I just finished two more stacked flowers for the artefacts shop.

It has been raining for days. And it is cold. We had planned to go to a garden show yesterday, as it was a holiday, but it rained all day - so we didn't. It is still raining. Well, I can work on my jewelry. But the cats are fed up with getting soaking wet when they go outside. And they are restless. They want to play.

So, what to do on a rainy day? Captain found this entertaining for a while:

What is he playing with? Well, a while back I got a package from Pattie - and in it was a tiny little doll from Mexico. Captain pulled the little doll out of my goodies and has been playing with it ever since. It's his favorite toy. And a paper bag is just irresistable for a cat. Even better than a cardboard box.

Hope the sun is shining for you, where ever you are!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some work in progress and a peek at part of my private collection

I've been experimenting with some polymer clay. I'm not so good with clay, I have a lot of difficulties getting it to do what I want. Maybe that is the problem - maybe I should do what it wants. But - what does it want??? A mystery to me.

Anyway - I had made a copper bezel some time back. Originally, I wanted to fill it with resin. But somehow, that didn't appeal to me. So it has been sitting on my work desk. I kept picking it up and thinking about how to finish it. And putting it back down.

The other day, I was trying something with polymer clay. For a special project. But that is still a secret. I had some clay left over and filled my bezel with it. I added some colour. I pressed a stamp into it and put it in the oven to bake with the other pieces. When it came back out, I added some more colour. I aged it. Polished it just a bit. And now, it looks like this.

Love how the patina looks just like the clay! Here it is with my turquoise necklace.

I love how it resembles the turquoise!

The turquoise necklace is one of my private pieces. A present from my husband. He knows I love my gems and stones. I used to wear a lot of very ethnic bead necklaces, big and heavy.

These pendants were gifts from my husband. I used brass beads for two of them. I spent a lot of time looking for beads to match the largest pendant.

Amber beads. At least, that is what they are supposed to be. They feel and look so good. They are huge.

Very old carnelian and agate beads. Unfortunately, this necklace was strung on very thin wire, much too thin for these beads, so it fell apart not long after I received it. I really should sit down and restring it.

Bone beads, some with batik patterns, some carved; combined with wood, seeds and onyx. These are pieces I designed and strung, years and years ago.

The larger necklace is made of wood (black beads), horn and jasper. The focal bead is resin and from the 70's. The smaller necklace has a Tuareg silver cross, combined with tiny beads of silver, wood, bone, horn and coral.

Guess I was taking a stroll down memory lane. Thanks for coming along!