Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday kittens and yes, of course, flea market

Skinny mama and the kittens are doing quite well today. What I didn't mention the other day - the kittens have been with their mama all along and she has been feeding them - but apparently she hasn't been producing enough milk to still their hunger and that is where I come into the picture - additional meals. For her and  for them.

Here they are taking some sun (and a bit of lunch) today. Skinny mama lying in the shade - the big tabby behind her is 'Mr. Babysitter' - he seems to have quite a thing for kittens. He was constantly watching over the first litter and is now taking a big interest in these three, when they come out of the nest.

I did go to the flea market, inbetween kitty breakfast and kitty lunch.And I even found some goodies...

This could be a mountain goat horn tip. Was probably part of a Bavarian charivari - an assortment of Bavarian charms a man would wear with his lederhosen.

Some gorgeous green opalite Czech glass beads.

A tiny vintage buckle and an assortment of antique buttons in glass and brass. 

A strand of etched agate beads - love the color and the matte surface.

And then I found these three vintage display boxes - a rare find. Usually the sellers at the flea market keep these for themselves. They are perfect for storing and displaying finished jewelry.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and thank you for visiting!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm still here...

I know - you probably think I have fallen off the face of the planet. Sorry for the prolonged absence. I am sure you all remember me telling you about the cats that have taken over my front door. Well, things got a little more 'exciting'. You remember the kittens, of course. But another one of the cats had kittens while we were away. Nobody had any idea that she was going to have kittens. She wasn't heavy around the middle. In fact, she is such a skinny cat that I just thought she was beginning to finally put a little meat on her bones. Boy, was I mistaken! I still can't get over the fact that I was not able to detect her pregnancy, because she was so skinny.

Anyway, after we came home, she brought them over here. Three of them. I wasn't exactly overjoyed - the cat head count is pretty high already. And then - she stopped eating. Not entirely. But a tablespoon of food two or three times a day does not count as a meal in my book. Especially not for a nursing cat. So I have been feeding them with a syringe.

This is what they looked like last weekend. So very wobbly on their little legs. They are coming along fine - even though we have had our ups and downs. But they are taking up pretty much all of my free time. But they are beginning to take an interest in cat food and today even had some of their milk from a bowl, instead of the syringe. So things will be getting easier.

Taken today - they had their first real outing this afternoon. Up to now, they have spent most of their time in their 'nest'. Today they had a bit of adventure in the sun.

Did I ever say I was a sucker for kittens?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

some vacation impressions...

I got back from our vacation just over a week ago - and it did turn out to be sort of a nomadic vacation after all. We had planned to go to Croatia - which we did - but we only stayed there for about 4 days and then traveled on to Italy; where we spent one night at one campsite and a week at the next - and then traveled further south to visit friends. It was a wonderful vacation - in every possible way. Here are a few impressions...

Croatia - Adriatic Sea - the islands of Cres (from where the picture was taken) and Krk

Croatia - Cres

Croatia - the island Krk - Njivice

 Italy - beach in Tuscany

Italy - beach in Tuscany

Italy - Tuscany

Italy - Tuscany - view from a hilltop village, looking out on to the Mediterranean sea 

 Italy - Tuscany - the village of Bolgheri

 Italy - Tuscany - the church in Bolgheri

 Italy - Lazio - the town of Tarquinia on the hilltop

Italy - Lazio - Tarquinia

Tarquinia - a gallery showing the work of Marco Ferri - absolutely poetic!