Sunday, July 31, 2011

where we interrupt our regular program for kitty antics


All kids like toys - even kitty kids.  I gave them some toy mice - boy, did I make their day!

The big ones are washing up, getting ready for dinner...

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

Friday, July 29, 2011

...looking out my back door

Well, actually, it is the front door. But this what I was enjoying this morning...

The kittens seem to be enjoying themselves hugely, after a large breakfast. I find their games surprisingly gentle - I remember my cats being much more rough when they were this size - and all the more surprising, given their fierceness during meals - growling, hissing, claws out, jumping in the bowl to defend it from the siblings... already they are much more steady on their short little legs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday flea market and feeling a bit under siege

A dreary, rainy, cold morning - 13°C (= 55°F) - I am not at all sure it is July. In fact, it can't be. Whatever happened to summer????
Well, I went to the flea market anyway - in my winter jacket. It was dreary there too. Rain came down in a steady drizzle. I almost had my eyes poked out by umbrellas and I saw lots of plastic foil covered over tables. Wow. Exciting! not.
But those of you that have visited here often know that I will not be deterred from finding goodies at the flea market. And I wasn't.

Bone beads and faux coral. The lady I bought them from says they are coral - but I am pretty sure that they aren't - too shiny and too cold to the touch. They don't feel at all organic; more like glas.

 More doll parts unearthed in Thuringia - some arms and legs.

The seller said these are from Tibet. Maybe. Although I would have thought Afghanistan.

These are wild boar tusks. So cool! And so big!!

I have been feeling as if I am under siege lately. This is what it looks like:

None of these are my cats. And then there are these:

There are actually 4 of them. But impossible to get all of them in one photo.  I 'hate' that I am a sucker for kitten cuteness. But then, even my husband is a sucker for kitten cuteness. 
None of these cats is a pet - they don't want to be petted, just fed. And they are extremely hungry.
It all started with one young cat - not one of those kittens, most of them are probably not yet one year old - giving me that I-am-starving-look. I have a character flaw - I can't resist a hungry cat. So I gave the cat some food. You know - one more cat isn't going to be a problem... Next thing I knew, there were five cats. Then seven. Sometimes even 10. Plus the kittens. And this is not counting my own 5 cats.
Now what do I do?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

new earrings

Finished these late last evening. Photo was taken in the early morning light. Spiral shell beads from my acquisitions of last weekend, foldformed copper leaves and smooth moonstone briolettes, like dewdrops.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gem show

Instead of a flea market day, it was a gem show day. I didn't really need a lot of stuff - and there are beads I would like to get, but the sellers don't offer here - but I was in a sort of ethnic mood, I guess. This is my booty:

Onyx flowers and mother of pearl leaves.

Tiny cream coloured freshwater pearls.

An ethnic assortment - new beads in the traditional Tibetian style.

These are buttons - huge buttons. About 2" x 1.5". Material: horn. I am totally in love with these.

More ethnics - bronze beads from Africa. And those lighter ones - are an alloy of silver and copper - with a lot of copper. Very rustic - very cool.

Some drilled focal beads, mainly jasper and quartz crystals.

Some very long quartz crystals.

I haven't been posting much lately, sorry about that - a heavy work load at the day job, plus some health issues, have slowed me down a bit - and there just hasn't been anything interesting to show you. But I do thank each and every one of you that stops by. Your comments are very much appreciated. 
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, where ever you are.