Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday flea market and feeling a bit under siege

A dreary, rainy, cold morning - 13°C (= 55°F) - I am not at all sure it is July. In fact, it can't be. Whatever happened to summer????
Well, I went to the flea market anyway - in my winter jacket. It was dreary there too. Rain came down in a steady drizzle. I almost had my eyes poked out by umbrellas and I saw lots of plastic foil covered over tables. Wow. Exciting! not.
But those of you that have visited here often know that I will not be deterred from finding goodies at the flea market. And I wasn't.

Bone beads and faux coral. The lady I bought them from says they are coral - but I am pretty sure that they aren't - too shiny and too cold to the touch. They don't feel at all organic; more like glas.

 More doll parts unearthed in Thuringia - some arms and legs.

The seller said these are from Tibet. Maybe. Although I would have thought Afghanistan.

These are wild boar tusks. So cool! And so big!!

I have been feeling as if I am under siege lately. This is what it looks like:

None of these are my cats. And then there are these:

There are actually 4 of them. But impossible to get all of them in one photo.  I 'hate' that I am a sucker for kitten cuteness. But then, even my husband is a sucker for kitten cuteness. 
None of these cats is a pet - they don't want to be petted, just fed. And they are extremely hungry.
It all started with one young cat - not one of those kittens, most of them are probably not yet one year old - giving me that I-am-starving-look. I have a character flaw - I can't resist a hungry cat. So I gave the cat some food. You know - one more cat isn't going to be a problem... Next thing I knew, there were five cats. Then seven. Sometimes even 10. Plus the kittens. And this is not counting my own 5 cats.
Now what do I do?


steufel said...

Oje, aber ich könnte da auch nicht widerstehen:-) Und hier regnet es auch den ganzen Tag furchtbar. Umso mehr haben mir die Bilder Deiner Schätze den Tag versüßt.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh dear..what to do about the kitties..Wish I could give you some advice here..but really dont know.You found some real goodies at the flea market!!Cant wait to see what you create with them!!Hugs,Cat

Silke said...

Wow, das sind viele Katzen!! I have to totally resist that here as we would be overrun by feral cats. Luckily, no kittens have shown up - I'd be done for and be feeding them like you are... They are too cute!!

Love all your flea market finds and your temperatures!! I'll send you some of our heat if you send me some of your cool weather, ok?!

Enjoy your Sunday!! Hugs, Silke

mairedodd said...

if this is a character flaw then let all of humanity be so damaged... i swear people and animals in need can sense a warm heart... remember - actions send out ripples, karma brings them back...
hope the sun pops through for you-

Palimpa Lim said...

Wirklich, Renate, Deine Flohmarktfunde sind immer zum Sterben großartig!!! Wie machst Du das bloß!? Und was sind das für Flohmärkte da bei Euch!?
Ich kann so früh sein wie ich will - solche Funde in solchen Mengen würde ich hier bei uns niemals haben.
Was die Kätzchen betrifft: Ich sage ja immer, dass Katzen sich ihre Menschen suchen und nicht umgekehrt. Raten kann ich Dir in diesem Fall leider nichts, aber ich kann Dir sagen, was ich tun würde: Ich würde sie weiter füttern und wahrscheinlich (wenn wirklich sicher ist, dass sie niemandem gehören)versuchen, die weiblichen Katzen zu fangen und kastrieren zu lassen.
Das ist teuer, ich weiß. Aber ich denke, es ist genau das was ich tun würde.
Vielleicht findest Du ja auch einen Tierarzt mit einem großen Herzen...!
Ganz liebe Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag von einer, die selbst zweimal täglich 10 Katzennäpfe füllt ;)

lilylovekin said...

I don't know what I would do about all those cats, pretty soon you will have a entire herd. The weather has been crazy all over the place, but I"m glad to went to the flea market just the same. Great treasures as always. Have a good week.

SummersStudio said...

Brrrr. That is not summer weather you are having at all. I'd send you some hot temps if I could. I really don't want them.

I'm not sure what you do about all those cats except keep feeding them. I wouldn't be able to resist a hungry cat either.

Wanda..... said...

This very day, my DIL is taking in an abandoned baby kitten found by a friend. I imagine you will use the wild boar tusks to create something lovely.

Judy said...

Despite the dreary weather you still managed to find some good treasures.

I am just like you when it comes to cats...actually any animals. Maybe there is an animal shelter that does not euthanize but will find them good homes. Good luck with the kitties.

Laura A. said...

I don't know which is better: the fab-u-lous finds from the (oh so sorry for the dreary weather) flea market, or the wonderfulness of you taking on the wild kitties young and older. All our cats have been "drop offs" so we know how it is. There would be more here, but now our Tommy the studio terror scares them away.
Here's to hoping our weather does some sort of evening out!

SueBeads said...

Love your finds! Kitties - I'm a sucker too! Love the babies!

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh no the word is out in the kitty population...Renate has a soft spot in her heart for them. It is a hard choice, I guess if I had the means to feed them I would probably continue to do so. If not I may try to look for assistance though the humane society. Not sure what options you have there in Germany though.

Your finds are fabulous, I always drool over the unearthed doll parts.


Barry said...

S- it really can't be summer!!! Your flea market trips are just amazing - whether the coral is real or not - just so many beautiful finds - need to see them in miniature works of art (jewellery) of course. And the boar tusks - now those I would like. You have five cats!!!! But we agree one could not let the cats go hungry - though whether they stay or go might be an issue. Go well and enjoy life and creating irrespective of the cold or the cats. B

sharon said...

I have not a clue what to do with cats....I hope it all will work itself out.
Fabulous finds at the flea the Tibetan pieces!
I am channeling some good weather to you...okay...can you feel it yet?!

Diane said...

Oh, my ...they must have posted your house on Facebook! LOL. I don't blame you. How can you look at those eyes and say no.
Love the boar tusks!

Diane said...

OMG...time to call a shelter. These cats need to be neutered or spayed FAST! If'll have 20 cats next time you blink.This is terribly sad...they need homes & their shots so they don't get sick. Lord only knows where they came from but people who don't spay & neuter their pets are a real thorn in my side. At least they aren't starving...god bless you for feeding those sweet little things. xoxo Diane

Carla Trujillo said...

Even the rain can not damper the loot you brought home. Great finds as always!
Could you please send some of that cooler weather over here!!!!!! I'm melting!