Tuesday, November 29, 2011

more earrings

 More cone earrings using the faux shibuichi technique.


The colour and the texture of the metal are fascinating - I have some more pieces of this in the making for prayer scrolls.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

some earrings

These were made for a commission.

I like the way the copper cones turned out and want to experiment some more with this technique.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

finished necklace

As I mentioned the last time I posted, I was working on a new 'prayer' piece. Finally finished. This one is something more of a prayer flag. I wanted to create something archaic and rustic, yet delicate ans somewhat precious. The focal is counterbalanced by the delicate wire wrapped beads and pearls that form the chain and dangles.

Runes from the top:
ehwaz - journey, progress, change
laguz - vitality, the ocean, water, artist
wunjo - harmony, joy, happy conclusion
inguz - spiritual path, inner fire, solidifies the reached goal

Sunday, November 13, 2011

work in progress and update on the kittens...

The 'prayer bead' idea has been tumbling around in my head, over and over. The piece I made was not technically a bead, not a box... maybe something more of a scroll? I may find a fitting term someday. Meanwhile, I am working on another piece, so I have a work in progress to show.

A forged piece of copper, some silk rod and a resined piece of paper with the runes that continue to call me. The resined paper has been distressed - making it look like a piece of old parchment.

The kittens have made good progress getting back to health. Although I am finding it hard to believe, they are now about 3 months old. They have grown considerably, although I still think they are very small for their age - but then, their mama is a tiny cat... These pics were taken last weekend.

Frettchen (= Ferret)



Difficult to take pictures of them - they are always moving in high speed; so most of the pics I take show a blur or a tail or don't even have a cat in them...

Last night the temps dipped down below freezing - this morning, everthing is covered in frost and we will finally see the sun again. The last few days have been heavily shrouded in fog.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finished pieces

I finished the prayer bead piece this week - an archaic kind of necklace. It is big, full of emotion and thoughts.

And the woodland necklace was completed - the focal has moss preserved beneath resin and drops of labradorite. The necklace itself is a medley of labradorite, prehnite, jade and forged leaves, one of which is part of the clasp.

I haven't any new kitten photos to share - there was too much going on this week and I didn't want another pic of sleeping kittens. But they are doing much better - we have finally found an antibiotic that can combat the bacteria we are dealing with; their eyes are no longer infected and they are soooo energetic... Their skinny mama has also put on weight, since the kittens are on solid food and is generally also in much better condition. I am still fighting the cat flu in two of the older kittens, but the antibiotica is also helping there, so I'm hoping we will be through this situation soon.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday.