Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July weekend over there!

Introducing Bigfoot. Will you look at that swollen paw? Honest, it is about double the size of the other! I took him to the vet's yesterday, but the doc says we have to wait for this to break open. We have already tried everything else we can. He has something in his paw, has had for quite some time, a thorn or who knows what. And it keeps causing an infection, but we need to get whatever it is out. But the doc doesn't want to cut him open, for fear of damaging nerves or sinews. So, all I can do is hope... Captain doesn't let it bother him too much - he is outside all day, catching mice and other things; getting in cat fights and just enjoying himself.

I am a bit under the weather myself. My husband likes to share everything with me - this week, it was his cold! Thank you, dearest!

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Pardon me, sniffle, I have to go and make some more hot lemonade...


Prairie Emporium said...

Renate, hope you feel better soon!!
And Captain's paw, it looks sore, but he sure is a pretty cat. Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by both my blogs.

lilylovekin said...

It is amazing to me how animals can continue on as if nothing is wrong when something has to be so sore. I hope the swelling resolves itself soon. And I hope you are feeling better soon. Have a good day.

Doreen said...

Renate! Hope you and Captain Bigfoot are better soon! I can't believe that the Dr. won't do anything, especially since you say it's been there for a while. I hope he doesn't get worse (with that infection) before he gets better!!

Barry said...

Aren't spouses wonderful. Linda is a school teacher who mingling each day with 30 little kids rife with every germ known to mankind.

She is forever bringing home exotic diseases for us to share.

Thank God summer is here.

Hope your poor cat's paw gets better soon.

sharon said...

Hi Renate, and thanks for the happy 4th!! So sorry about Captain and you, I hate being sick, and when animals are sick they can't really tell you anything.....hope all is better soon with everyone!!!

SummersStudio said...

Summer colds are the worst I think. It's no time to be under the weather just when things are getting sunny and warm. And poor captain. That paw looks miserable. Hope you and Captain are both better soon.