Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter and other things

This is what I see outside the window just now. Well, actually, there is more snow in the air than can be seen on this photo.
And this is what I was looking at yesterday:

We have had 7 inches of snow since Wednesday night. Yesterday morning, traffic was a catastrophe. No kidding. There will be more snow during the night. Winter has not lessened its grip so far. We are still a long ways from seeing those first snow drops push their heads out of the ground.
But on a more pleasant note -

Yesterday's mail brought another Round Robin necklace to my door. This is the last stop for this necklace, before it returns home. Esther, are you excited? I can tell you, I can hardly wait to be able to show you all these marvels I have had the honor of contributing to! Won't be too long now...

A couple of days ago, these were delivered to my doorstep. Mary Jane and I did a trade and I requested that she make me a couple of her lovely resin paddles and these are the ones she sent me. Thank you, Mary Jane! I want to make something special with these...

And now, another photo of one of my kitties.

My little sweetheart Captain.


mairedodd said...

renate, is there any end in sight for this weather you are having? so glad that you like the paddles... will be looking to see what you do with them! and your kitty - so sweet and probably trying to keep warm... but the best has got to be getting an exchange piece as the last person!! you don't have to hold back at all... have fun with that for sure!

mermaiden said...

the only thing you should be going out of doors for is to get more hot chocolate. and wine ;D

Esther said...

yessssssssssssssss i am!!!! brrrrr what a cold weather my poor Ren!! and ooooooooooooooh!! MJ did marvels!! love her style!!

Emi of For the Love of Beads said...

yay kitties! this one looks quite content to be safe inside from all that cold white stuff outside!

your second photo looks just like what I woke up to yesterday, luckily I only had to go out for a short walk to my father-in-laws and managed to spend the rest of the day warm in my pjs at home!

best of luck travelling the icy roads (and avoiding the drivers who forget every year what this white stuff is and what it does to the roads)

lilylovekin said...

The snow pictures look so cold. I won't tell you about the sunny weather I'm having at my moms place. My mom has two cats, one is very friendly and has been sleeping with me. It helps make up for the fact that I miss my dogs. Your Captain looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those photographs reminds me of my childhood growing up in Vermont. Beautiful..but I don't think I could ever return to those cold winters after living in Virginia for so long:)

The Joy of Nesting said...


I can so feel your pain clear over on the other side of the world!!! Surely there will be a few brave snowdrops poking their heads up by the 3rd week of Feb?? maybe, hopefully!!!

UHHHHH I can't wait to see the magic you work with Mary Jane's paddles!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

diane said...

Renate...I can hardly wait to see all of your beautiful round robin creations!
I love the resin paddles....they are so cool.
And, the robin is actually what is making my heart beat about 100 mph. I love it! It do find it at the flea market?
And, speaking of flea market....I love those rhinestone pieces you brought home. I would love to take a trip to one with you =)

sharon said...

I adore MJ's paddles, they are soo beautiful, but Captain stole the show here!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Sharon is right, Sweet Captain is in my heart and this photo is so lovely.
Marie Jane's paddles are such an interesting work, as her entire work too.
I send your all the sun i can Renate !

Barbara Lewis said...

Maire's work is so wonderful! I know you'll wear them with delight.

Barry said...

Captain looks well content to be out of all that snow.

Toronto continues to be snow free, although cold. But I'm told our snowy time is just about to arrive.

SummersStudio said...

Hands down you definitely have us beat for winter weather. 7" of snow is too much. Just as soon as we warm up a little I will wish some warm weather your way. Meanwhile, I think you should take Captains cue and just curl up for a while.