Monday, February 16, 2009

Other projects

As I mentioned previously, last year I began to explore the creative world again. I allowed myself the luxury of buying books that were filled with wonderful inspirations - inspiring artists, inspiring pieces, inspiring techniques. Not just jewellery artists, no; mixed media, collage, journaling, bookmaking, shrines, found objects … Thus the adventure began.

Late last year I came upon a book by Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn – “In This House”. It is filled with the most wonderful artists and truly intriguing artwork. I was so inspired and enthused, that I have started work on my own “house”, using collage, altered art and mixed media.

A couple of pictures of my efforts to date

I’m not sure yet where this is going, but the journey is good. Just have to chase the inner critic with my broom pretty often.

By the way, these two talented ladies have another book that is due for release this April, called “In This Garden”. I’ve already got it on my “must have” list.


SummersStudio said...

Oh Renate, they are lovely pages. And I know that book. It is indeed wonderful. I think it's truly amazing what can happen with your creativity if you allow your self to play in other media. Best wishes for happiness on your creative journey. LeAnn

sherry lee said...

Renate, your house work is beautiful and you have embraced mixed media! I always think back to being a little girl and what did I draw most often? Houses!! There is something meaningful about houses and what they represent to us at various times in our lives.