Sunday, February 8, 2009

Work in progress 2

This necklace is not creating itself. It has been at odds with me all week, not wanting to let me know how it wants to be finished. But now, we have made progress. The actual necklace and chain is almost finished. It consists of lime green glass beads, various leaf and flower beads in green and purple glass and several chain links that I have made.
I have also been working on the focal piece with the key hole, highlighting some of the design. I created a back plate out of copper, which picks up on the Art Nouveau design just a bit. The colours of the beads are also typical for the Art Nouveau era.

This necklace should be finished within the next couple of days and then I will be listing it in my shop. I am curious about the reactions I will receive.

I have also been playing with this chandelier glass drop. I’m not sure yet if this will be the focal of a necklace. I am basically just playing with some ideas to see where they will take me. I like the idea of the image behind glass and will certainly be making a necklace with this kind of focal.

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SummersStudio said...

Renate, the necklace is coming along nicely. I especially like the chain and of course the colours are still so spring. Are you going to solder the focal? I'll be stopping back to see what you do with it. Cheers, LeAnn