Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday already!

Well, most of you already know that I go to the flea market on Sundays. Today is an exception, I am in the flow of creating some earrings and didn't want to interfere with that process. But, so as not to disappoint anyone, I have some things to share that I found during earlier excursions (after all, I have been a flea market addict much longer that I have had a blog!!)

miscellaneous finds
Do you see that bracelet? Those are real bugs (not altered in any way, they are naturally that colour; I'm not quite sure exactly when this was the craze, possibly in the 40's. This isn't the first I have seen) !!

various pieces of amber
I am still trying to find more information about these pieces. I keep coming across them. Either the clover shape (these can either be in the form of a lapel pin or have the pictured fixture which I believe was worn on a leather watch band) oder the stylized flowers (which are often on this brown thread that looks like silk). I have no idea what they are about. Which only makes them all the more interesting.

Oh, and my garden still has blooms to share:

Poppy - papaver orientale, "Patty's Plum"

Wild rose
This is a wild rose with delightful tiny little white flowers, that is now trying to climb into the cherry tree. In the fall, this will be full of beautiful tiny little rose hips, which are fantastic for decorating.

Invasion of the wild strawberries

English Rose - I don't know the name of this one. I ordered Golden Celebration, a golden yellow rose, which this definitely is not. But it is a beautiful rose all the same.

Have a wonderful Sunday! I am going back to my earrings.


SummersStudio said...

Are those bugs electroplated? Kind of creepy but in a nice interesting way. I love the irridescent colours. Off to unload a bisque kiln and put the elves to work. Cheers, LeAnn

Debbie / Prairieemporium said...

Your flowers are so beautiful and you take such great photos. Sorry I don't know anything about you amber but I love it, amber is one of my favorites.

Doreen said...

Your garden is just wonderful! I love the poppy and especially the gorgeous rose! You must have a huge space to have such a variety. That amber is so pretty...not so sure about the real bugs?? What great finds.

sherry lee said...

Real bugs in a bracelet?!? That's cool in a creepy sort of way!! :)

Your garden is as always so beautiful. We've had so much rain here that it's been hard to get out and take photographs and then when it is nice the garden looks bedraggled!! :(

Love the rose (I have one like it!), and I'd love a wild rose that gave me rose hips!! Your poppy is an amazing colour..I have no luck at all in growing those but wish I did...I think they are such a beautiful addition to any garden.

SueBeads said...

Cool finds! I need to get myself to a flea market! I need more keys. I love your garden too. Who would have thought that the older your kids are, the less time you have to work on the garden? I find myself in that situation. Maybe it's because I have to work the bead business, too. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Silke said...

A beautiful post all around! I love seeing your flea market finds and the flowers in your yard are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the earring!! :) Silke

sharon said...

I always love your garden Renate, just beautiful!! That amber is unique!

No Easy Beads said...

Renate I love your garden. I have never had a garden. The rose reminds me of a Evelyn Rose.
We bought bug wings at a show once. They were iridescent blue/green with a hold drilled through.

lilylovekin said...

Wearing real bugs around my wrist would give me the creeps. I love your poppies, I can get the natural California poppy to grow in my yard but have not had luck with other kinds and I love them.