Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inspite of Advent - Sunday flea market

The way things have been going this weekend with the Advent exhibition - I decided to perk myself up and go to the flea market with Max this morning. To say things are going badly would be an understatement. I have had no customers this weekend. And to top things off, the electricity went off yesterday for one and a half hours in the entire area. Seeing as it isn't likely that anyone will come today either, I might just as well show you some flea market impressions. I took my camera along and took so many photos, I could keep posting for a week. Please join me again while I peruse the strange and ordinary memorabilia and castoffs of today and yesteryear.

What a combination of things - makes me think of a circus...

I bet this appeals to the child in all of us!

I think even the Easter bunny is on this table, which shows a slightly more exclusive selection.

No, not the ruins of Pompeii. Old columns and objects, possibly from India or Indonesia.

Lovely old lace parasol.

This painting reminds me of Esther!

A dollhouse collection.

And now for my loot! Following are the treasures I haggled over and brought home:
Antique glass beads and glass stones. Oh, these are just fantastic!

Some antique rosary beads, watch parts and another souvenir bracelet from France!

Some faux pearls and vintage rhinestone pieces.

Some wonderful secret keepers!

I hope you enjoyed the flea market today as much as I did. Have a lovely Sunday!

(Comment: I wish this flea market was every weekend - although that would be bad for my pocketbook. This one is once a month - which is why I so look forward to going!)


Doreen said...

I just can't believe all the great stuff you find at the flea market! You are so fortunate to have this to go to every week! What an adventure!

Laura said...

That was a shame about the no show on the customers. Stupid newspaper!
But on the bright side, with the electricity being off, that wouldn't have been good anyway! And you got to go to the flea market. How lucky you are to have a good one so close by that happens every weekend.

Silke said...

I'm sorry you haven't had any customers - that must be frustrating after all the work you've put into your lovely creations! I'm glad you went to the flea market though and found some treasures of your own!!! Hugs, Silke

pam ferrari said...

Oh what great finds. I tried to comment on your Woodland Necklace but my lap top would not let me. I just love that necklace. And your earring Drops of Honey what cool name. Have a great day

lilylovekin said...

Sorry you are having such a frustrating time at your Advent event. But I am glad you went to the flea market and took us along. I love the green prisms you got, and the rosary.

Narrative jewelry said...

Oh i am so sorry for your Advent exhibition Renate. Luckily, the flea market gave you some fun, and too us of course.
I am pretty sure the portrait is one of Esther's ancestors, or may be her !
Love the antique rosary beads, i am really in love with them, always looking to find more and more.

Thank you to share with us your treasures.


Judy said...

Renate I just love your flea market finds, those antique glass beads are to die for! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

sharon said...

Your finds are gorgeous Renate! I loooove those keys and the glass, yuuuuummm. So sorry about the Advent market for you. I have had shows in the past that were like that...the economy is really bad where I live, and I know it is hurting a lot of people here.

Esther said...

poor Renate!! as we say in france, "un de perdu, dix de retrouvé" it means you've loose one, you will found 10, so be careful cause next week you will have a loooooooooooooooot of customers!!!
all your treasures are fantastics(love the stones and the souvenir bracelet)
thank you for having a thought for me! you're adorable! I would liked to have as pretty eyes and the eternal youth of this portrait!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh how I wish we had fleas like that here in scottsdale Az!!! But I did hit a great estate sale yesterday. my fav . was the painting Yes Esther .

Anonymous said...

oh, such pretties! what will make, can't wait to see.

SharonP said...

You find the most fabulous treasures at the flea market! Love the pearls and keys.


Lots of lovely treasures! Thanks for showing us!

Carolyn x

Barbara said...

Oh! That parasol! I wonder how old it is...who wore it? When? Thanks for sharing these treasures! It was fun to see them!

SummersStudio said...

Renate, I am so sorry your Advent exhibition has gone poorly this weekend. You've put such a lot of effort into preparations. But what a consolation in the flea market. I love all of the photos! In fact I always love your photos. I am in love with your green glass beads. I love your keys. I love the French souvenier bracelet. Umm, maybe I love all of your finds.

Better luck for the next Advent weekend. Hugs, LeAnn

sundownbeaddesigns said... sad to hear that your Advent exhibition did not go so well this weekend, very disappointing! The flea market looks like a great success the rosary beads and keys!

Greer said...

Wow I wish our flea markets had such treasures! Shame that it was so poorly attended

Cindy said...

What a bummer about the advent show over the weekend. I wonder if it had to do with the typo in the newspaper...and you worked so hard to prepare! But we enjoyed all of the finery you shared with us! I haven't even put up the first bit of holiday decorations yet, so your beautiful displays help put me in the spirit!
What amazing finds you brought home! Oh those beautiful rosary beads...and the skeleton keys with the round ends...I just love them. Thanks for sharing. Hugs to you! :-)

cat said...

Your going to have start doing some shopping for the rest of us! Nice purchase!