Friday, April 10, 2009

More signs of spring

fragrant violet

They're here, the violets are blooming! Tiny little blossoms in the grass, vibrant with colour.


These are now in full bloom. I just love those little freckles.


I don't even know what these delicate little flowers are called in English. They grow wild in the woods and where they do, they cover the ground like a carpet of lace.


This is Kiki, one of Captain's two sisters. She likes to follow me around the garden, talking to me with her tiny little voice and will lay down on her back directly in front of my feet, because she wants a tummy rub. She loves spring too, because the cat nip starts growing again.


Barry said...

Ah spring. Yes it's here too. The first crocus opened their flowers here yesterday!

Stunning photos, by the way.

sherry lee said...

I have yet to see any flowers budding in my garden just yet (and we had frost earlier in the week!!) but it will be soon. We call those anemones too!! I love them.

Happy Easter Renate!

SummersStudio said...

The spring flowers are so beautiful! I love all of those tiny little wonders that pop up to great us as the days grow longer and warmer. The anemones are the same in English. Maybe they have a different casual name but that is what I've always known them as. Kiki is lovely! Happy Easter.

Diane said...

Kiki looks like a very sweet girl!
I love the Helleborus. They are beautiful!