Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I was art, what kind of art would I be?

Threefold Goddess

I found the following on Beth Hemmila's blog Hint and was curious, so I tried it.

You Are a Painting

You are a passionate person. You see the emotional undertones that others miss.

Compared to other people, you are sentimental. You allow yourself to feel everything.

Believe that art should capture the beauty and mood of a moment.

The best art speaks to your heart. It makes you smile, dream, or even cry.


sherry lee said...

Like you Renate, I am a painting!! I love the description....fits me to "a tee".

SummersStudio said...

Hi Renate, I am ceramics, which somehow seems appropriate. I wanted to be something more exotic but I am what I am.

sharon said...

Hey Renate, I did it too, and I was grafitti! I thought that was interesting!