Saturday, February 6, 2010

Longing for spring - I'm looking for clues... and work in progress

It's that time of year again. I am longing for spring.

So badly, I went out and bought myself some flowers. Aren't these nice?

This is what it actually looks like outside. Only, the fog keeps getting thicker.
I decided to take a look around the garden to see if I could find some clues - some signs that spring might be on its way.

Moss growing on a branch of the old pear tree in my yard. Well - it's green.

Buds swelling on the wisteria. I'd say that is a sign.

Lichen on a piece of very old fence. It's green, but not a sign.

My cats are ever helpful. Casanova and Kiki: "Whatcha find? Can we eat it?"
But no sign of spring here.
While I write this, Captain has jumped up on my lap to have a snuggle - ahem, I beg your pardon - he is watching out to make sure I don't get attacked by mice while at the computer. How thoughtful of him (not that I have ever had that problem...)! Now if I just had longer arms!

Hasel buds - still very tight. Not spring yet.

High up in the cherry tree - I can see the buds getting bigger. Can you see them? Definitely a sign - but it's not saying when.

What else have I been up to?

My very first attempt to play with the enamels I recently ordered. These are torch fired and the colour is supposed to be purple. Just a couple of wires with ball ends and enameled. A first try. Not very spectacular looking. But exciting!

Some more resin components I have been working on...

As for spring, I will have to console myself by looking at this magazine, while I wait for her to arrive.


romantic decay said...

your bezels look great!

SummersStudio said...

I really like what you are doing with the resin and bezels. The patina around the edges is gorgeous. I think the enameling looks great.

I've done a little investigation of our garden just the other day hoping to find some spring. Peach, apple, and redbud flower buds are just starting to swell. But the best of all was the chives that are coming back to life. I may actually be able to harvest some of these soon.

I will send you some sunny thoughts to help you through your grey days.

mairedodd said...

everything you did is just beautiful... how wonderful you took on another way to create! enamels will be fun... yes, while we are all on the lookout for the natural signs of spring, we seem to be entrenched in winter (it is february afterall!)... we are in the midst of a heavy snow storm... everything comes in its own time... my little kitty decided to try to run outside on me this morning, only to realize he'd made quite the mistake! cold and snow are not his thing... captain is so thoughtful!

hello gorgeous said...

gorgeous photos of the outdoors....I love the flowers you bought..are they hydrangeas? I love the look of them...but colours differ depending on your soil type...want to get some for the garden this year! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

lilylovekin said...

Loved your photos of you clues around the garden. It gives me a feel of what winter/spring is really all about. I feel it coming for you Renate hang in there!

mermaiden said...

oh, wonderful weathered look to the bits and bobs you've shared. how exciting indeed to have them on your bench. maybe if you put some flowers next to your workspace, you'll work some magic!

i am going to a flea market tomorrow for the 1st time in oodles of years- i was thinking of you :D

sharon said...

Beautiful photos, even if they are of winter! From experience, winter will be here for a very long time yet....I try not to think about it, and just keep creating. If the sun would just come out, it seems to help a lot!

sharon said...

Oh, your resin pieces are spectacular Renate, and the enamel is wonderful too, such beautiful wonderful colors! These are really great!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

subtle hints of spring...we had them here too before the blizzard today! before you know it spring will be upon us. I love your resin components. I want to try enameling too, a good first attempt!

Silke said...

Oh, what a wonderful post! You need to be here with us in Savannah. There are no signs of spring yet, but the camellias are blooming everywhere so beautifully. It adds a splash of color to our winter landscape. Sending wishes for an early spring to you!! Love, Silke

P.S. Beautiful things you are doing with your jewelry!

Lenna Andrews said...

beautiful photographs, Renate, looking for spring . . . and your new materials, the enamels. very exciting! Thank you for sharing.
xo lenna (wearing your earrings!)

Narrative jewelry said...

Thank you to share these beautiful photos with us dear Renate, love the delicate color of the hydrangeas. Did Casanova and Kiki finally find something interessant to eat ? And, please, let me share with you Captain's snuggle, i am pretty sure it is so soft !
I really love your first attempt with the enamel, and yes, it is seems to be purple, or may i say "aubergine" ?
And off course, i looooove the resin components, lovely colors with the torch too.

Silke said...

Yes, we have green grass out front. Daniel really worked on our lawn this last fall and reseeded it and now ours is the only green lawn this winter in the neighborhood... And with the evergreen trees in the backyard, it hardly looks like winter at all... Happy Sunday, Renate! Love, Silke

TesoriTrovati said...

Those color values are wonderful inspiration. That green moss just pops on that tree. ANd those buds look just like your enamel project. Wonderful! Spring will be sprung before you know it!
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

I love those hydrangeas! I had those exact ones in my wedding bouquet!

Cindy said...

What a great post to read on this cold, day with snow high all around. I love the flowers you bought - some of my favorite!
And thank you for taking us on a stroll with you to look for the signs of Spring.... just keep an eye out, they'll be here soon! You are such a great writer, Renate!

The Joy of Nesting said...


I know it's easy for me to say but Spring really will be here soon!!!! I just can't figure out why Winter always had to be 6 weeks to long!!??

Your beautiful photos do make me miss the beauty of the spring blooms of the Northlands!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Esther said...

beautiful pictures Ren!! and those betzels!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:: beautifuls too!!

Julie said...

I love the moss and lichen covered tree branches and must be the vibrant color of green...

Your resin and enamel work is very interesting - I purchased an enameling station from Barbara Lewis, but have yet to try it...

Thank you for sharing xo Julie

Sherry said...

Spring will come..she always does. There are little signs but until she makes her arrival, buying beautiful flowers, looking at beautiful magazines and creating your beautiful art will see you through.

I love what you are working on -- it looks divine!