Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deryn's Jewellery challenge at Something Sublime

I am an avid follower of Deryn Mentock's blog - she is an artist and jewellery maker that I very much admire. She issued a jewellery challenge late last summer, based on the book "Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet" by Mary Hettmansperger; which is an excellent book, by the way. About a week ago, Deryn posted that the challenge is still on and I decided I wanted to try it.

I didn't start at the beginning of the book, because Deryn is nearing the end of her projects. So, this is my first piece (I'm hoping to get one or two more finished), based on the Looped Silver Cone Necklace. The cone form really appeals to me and the wire weaving was a totally new technique, which I enjoyed enormously. This piece does not exactly follow the book, but is my interpretation of the project.

The cone is formed of copper, the weaving is silver plated copper wire. I included some glass beads on the inside and the necklace itself is composed of wire wrapped semiprecious beads (I believe these are turquoise, that have been colour enhanced), some glass lentil beads and two copper finished brass discs.

Do visit Deryn's challenge - so many people have joined and their projects are breathtaking. If you need a bit of inspiration, here it is.


sherry lee said...

I love Deryn's work too (and her blog IS sublime!!)...and even though I am not a jewelry artist I love what others do in the areas where I am "challenged" (lol!). I'm so glad you took up this challenge Renate...what you have created is amazingly beautiful! I hope you will do more and continue to work in this way -- you have a delightful eye!

Deryn Mentock said...

This is beautiful, Renate! I love that cone form as well. You did a terrific job!

SummersStudio said...

I really like this. The woven wire and cone works well with your style. It's new to you but it still looks like your work and style! Well done. Cheers, LeAnn

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Very cool combination of techniques. The weaving is just great, especially for your first shot at it!

A Beaded Affair said...

Just found your site. This is a lovely piece. I have been trying to teach myself the weaving but I haven't gotten mine you come out as smooth and fine as yours. Love copper though. Nicely done.