Friday, May 29, 2009

Cat story - Casanova and Cleo

Casanova, spring 2005

This is what he looked like - the stray that stayed. The father of my remaining kittens. He turned up in February 2005 - we had soooo much snow that winter. February is the month that the cats court. The toms can be heard singing and fighting and the ladies just lead them on. You can see he was a stray - very lean, not in very good shape, but muscular and very wary, and oh so hungry! Battle scars everywhere. Later that year I had to have part of his long tail amputated. I came home one evening and the last third of his tail was just bone. We never found out what happened. Anyway, he was a big favorite with the lady cats in our little village and they all fell for him.

Casanova - now

What a face! He has two different eyes, they are even different in size! He looks much more contented now and he has put on quite some weight! In some ways, he is more like a dog, than a cat. He will lie down next to my chair and sleep. Today, he woke me up a four in the morning. I had to keep him in last night and no more food - we have to go to the vet's this morning to have his teeth fixed, maybe extracted. Just now, he can't understand why he's not getting any breakfast. Poor guy!

Cleo and her sister, March 2005

This picture is of Cleo (the mother of my kittens) and her sister, shortly before the kittens were born. Both cats were successfully wooed by Casanova (now why did I name him Casanova??). At the time of this photo, both of the girls were just about 7 months old, still practically kittens themselves. Which is why I made sure they got plenty to eat. But neither of them grew any bigger. Cleo is still smaller than any of her kids.

Cleo, April 2009

Cleo is still with us, although she is not really my cat. She is her own cat. She prefers to sleep at the neighbour's, although she will come in through the kitty door, if the night is very cold or she is hungry or needs help. She just prefers not to share her space with other cats, and her kittens live with me. Cleo actually belonged to the farmer in our village, but even as a kitten, she was always at our place.

Well, have to get dressed to go to the vet's!


Doreen said...

Renate: I'm glad your still here and didn't blow away! I love the kitty pictures and stories. What a difference in Casanova before and after. I can certainly see why he's a ladies' man!

How many kittens did Cleo have? I like the photo with her tongue hanging out!

Poor Casanova having to have his teeth extracted. My last two guys, who have since passed away, had teeth problems. Now, with my Casey, I brush his teeth every day! I started it when he was a kitten so he got used to it. He doesn't really like it, but he let's me do it :-)

sherry lee said...

I think your Cassanova may act more like a dog because he has sensed his loyalty to you -- you rescued him, gave him a home, and a life (and don't seem to mess about with his love life!! lol!!)...your cats are beautiful and that's a testiment to your love for them!

Poor Cassanova though, off to the vet about his teeth...he won't be thanking you for this, but what needs to be done, must!

SummersStudio said...

Your kitties look like they are very happy under your care. Wishing Cassanova well and let us know how he does. Poor baby.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh thanks you so much for taking these precious creatures of nature in and giving them love!!! My 2 kitties are recue kitties too.

2ifbysea said...

Your cats are beautiful, Renate!

Barry said...

Have his teeth extracted? Ah, poor guy! Does romance get no reward?

Here's wishing you the best luck possible big guy!