Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Secret Garden

I have been working on another Secret Garden, inspired by my painting.

I wanted to incorporate a lock and key theme. I etched copper sheet and a brass keyhole escutcheon and riveted the two together and finished it up with green glass beads, a tiny, very old key and brass flower.

I was playing around with props, trying to capture the idea of the secret garden in my photos.

I do like the way this turned out.


I was at a smaller flea market this morning, but I didn't find any treasures today. Well, that is just the way it is sometimes. So instead of vintage and antique buttons and things, some more garden pics; for those of you that haven't tired of them yet.

wild strawberry

These grow everywhere in my garden - all through the flower beds and even in some of the flower pots. I brought them with me when we moved in and they have just taken over. These are real wild strawberries, the tiny little ones that have that intensive taste. I also have wild raspberries, but they were already growing here.

Front garden

This is a view of the front garden. I really need to get out there and do some weeding.

BTW, Casanova is fine. He had one of his bottom fangs pulled, because it was loose. Thankfully, he could keep the rest of his teeth, they did need some cleaning, but that was all.


SummersStudio said...

Renate, your necklance is wonderful! I love how all the pieces work together for the secret garden.

You still have Iris? Ours are long done. I would like to get our front garden like yours. We have a lot of lawn that we are slowly removing. I worked all day out there yesterday and am stiff from head to toe this morning.

Ear scratches for Cassnova and hugs to you, LeAnn

Doreen said...

Renate: Glad to hear Casanova is doing fine! I'm sure it irritated him to have to go to the vet though.

I love the necklace...the lock, the key, the leaves , the green...perfect secret garden!

Your garden is wonderful!

2ifbysea said...

The necklace is beautiful, Renate!

Anonymous said...

Your necklace is lovely!
And your garden is smashing, I'd love to try those wild strawberries and blueberries, yum!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Gals Caanova is fine . Kitties can get really bad teeth and no way to let us know they hurt. Th garden is pure magic. What flea did you go to?? I Always look forward to your sunday post to see when treasures you find as I know it is flea day for you . Julie

Sharon said...

Love the necklace Renate, I especially like the leaves, very cool!

Also love your yard, and glad to hear the cat is ok....our pets are our family!!

Barry said...

Little does Casanova know just how lucky he is.

But then the human Casanova was more than a little lucky in his life time too. And I don't think he was a great respecter of locked gates to secret gardens either. lol

Silke said...

Renate, your necklace is wunderschoen!! So romantic looking, just like the lock and key to a secret garden. How talented you are!! And your garden is magnificent! Glad Casanova is doing ok... :) Silke
P.S. Thanks for the sewing tip...

lilylovekin said...

I love your new necklace design. I like the metal work and the beads together. So glad all is ok with your kitty, but sorry about the tooth. Pets are like other people to me.

hint said...

Love the idea of a secret garden with a little key!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Beautiful work! Your jewlery is absolutely stunning. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog.

sherry lee said...

I love your front's got that dreamy, wild flowers look to it that I love.

Your necklace is spectacular and I think you've captured your secret garden in so many ways...the green beads at that garden feel to the secret kept behind lock and key.

Good news about your kitty...losing only one tooth is much better than losing them all!!