Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday flea market

It is a typical flea market Sunday - the temps have gone back down to about 12°C and it keeps raining on and off. Of course I didn't let that stop me. Nor even the early hour (we switched to Summer Time aka Daylight Savings Time last night). But apparently, some factor did keep about 50% of the flea marketers away. From both sides of the table. So it was meager pickings.

Easter lamb

Today is Palm Sunday and here is a sandstone carved Easter lamb.

cherry pitting machine

This must be from a restaurant kitchen or a bakery. A cherry pitting machine.

As I said, it was meager pickings. Not much of interest. I did find a couple of broken brooches and a book with interesting fonts, but the dealer wanted a price with way too many zeros in it.... So, my treasures are few this time.

carved wooden swallow

A carved and painted wooden swallow.

antique lace

Some old lace.


The important part of an old wristwatch.

Well - my husband disappeared for a bit and I was wondering where he had gotten to. He reappeared carrying something fairly heavy - 25 kg heavy, to be exact.

anvil from Hungary

A small anvil, from Hungary. He already has two (his grandfather was a renowned iron smith in South Tirol and one of the anvils was my wedding gift to him. What? It was beautiful!).

He is cleaning this one up for me!!! I am getting my own little anvil! Whoohooo! Max is the best man in the world!


mairedodd said...

well, it seems like even though the weather wasn't ideal and the crowd meager, you may have gotten one of the nicest gifts of the day! it touched me that your husband thought of you and what you could use... and that is really interesting about his grandfather... that little swallow is beautiful too ~

Diva Kreszl said...

even though the weather didn't cooperate it looks like you had a good day :)

SummersStudio said...

I think you did alright among the meager pickings. I can see that swallow in my house ;-) The anvil is the best though. You will have heaps of use out of it.

Laura said...

Love the swallow...the color is wonderful. We have swallows that nest in one of our chimneys every year! Very noisy. Your husband was so sweet to get you the anvil.

Barry said...

God Lord, a cherry pitting machine???!!! How amazing is that?

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh you lucky girl. You have a WH also (wonderful husband)! Love the anvil, that is a beauty, as long as you don't have to carry it too far. It is waiting for the first blow from a comfy hammer. The swallow is amazing, LOVE that. Take care, Riki

Narrative jewelry said...

Wow Ren, that's a wonderful gift ! We all need this type of anvil, no ?
The swallow is just a trasure, may be some molds to do with it, or too big for ?
Happy to see that sun is back in your soul and house.

Greer - Vintajia said...

How come my husband never bought me an anvil???? (Bought me a lawnmower once but I got even and bought him an iron)
The little wooden swallo is loveley and so is the old watch.

mermaiden said...

i just got an anvil, too, but yours is waaaaaaaay better! grab the hammer, girl!

Sarah said...

Oh what fun..I love shopping for this kind of stuff!! My grandfather invented several hundred fruit pitting, peeling and slicing machines..I wonder if that was one of his?
I have left you a special award on my blog hon, I hope you will come by and snag it:) Hugs and love, Sarah

Silke said...

I think my favorite of your finds is the anvil! It looks so cool!! And I love that stone lamb... Wishing you a great Monday! love, Silke

sharon said...

Some day, I am hoping, I will get to go to this flea market with you! I love your photos and stories! Now lets see what you make with that anvil!

Cindy said...

I don't see how your finds could be considered "meager"'s as if you hit the jack pot! I love the vintage lace, the beautifully-colored sparrow, the watch full of character, and the great anvil from Hungary (wonder who owned it?)! And I've never seen a cherry -pitting machine. Thanks for all of interesting pictures!

Pretty Things said...

I'm glad you labeled the cherry pitter because I would have been wondering what that crazy thing was!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Are you ever a lucky girl!!!!Lots of wonderful little treats a way way cool anvil and a husband who Rocks!!!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations zu deiner Neuerwerbung! Viel Spaß und viele kreative Ideen, wünscht dir Inge said...

These are awesome finds!
What an anvil! You will be able to hammer out some lovely textures on that big mama.